Looking to sell your house and take full advantage of no stamp duty? Or just ready for some new DIY projects to improve your property’s kerb appeal? Either way you're in the right place!

It's not uncommon for viewers to decide they like or dislike a house before they've reached the front door. Keep on reading to discover how you can spruce up your kerb appeal and make sure your viewers are eager for a look inside.


Check your driveway for any repairs which need to be undertaken. Cracks often form in asphalt or tarmac and if they aren’t filled in sooner rather than later you could be left with large potholes. Use Drive Fix for filling these cracks in - to apply all you need to do is pour the rubberised bitumen mixture into a spouted can, pour into the cracked asphalt and that's it.

If you’ve already got potholes, don’t fear, these can be filled in quickly and easily using our Pourable Concrete Repair. It can be applied up to 4" thick in one go and is significantly stronger than conventional cement repairs which means you know it will last. 


Tired and worn paint work can bring down the look of your whole exterior. Your front door is the first thing guests will notice as they walk up to your house, give it a fresh coat of paint to freshen up its appearance to make it bright and welcoming. Equally, why not give your garage door a fresh coat too? Paint it to add a clean and fresh feel.

Have you used our Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface Paint before? It's perfect for doors as it can be applied directly to wood, plastics, metal and more without the need for a primer. Choose from 8 popular colours and gloss, matt and satin finishes.

Tip: Opt for neutral colours that will appeal to the majority. You could also consider matching the colours of your garage and front doors to give an organised, balanced feel to the property.


Got any walls, fences or gates surrounding your property? Consider giving these a clean and a fresh coat of paint. Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Paint is a great option as not only do you not need a primer, it can be applied to almost any surface.  Alternatively consider Rust-Oleum Garden Furniture Paint - the chalky matt finish is both modern and ultra durable.

Tip: Keep it simple and stylish - a small change goes a long way in making your home feel new and welcoming.


Autumn is also one of the prettiest times of year – your house is surrounded with colour as the leaves change. However, this also can cause a messy driveway and front garden. Make sure you take the effort to brush away the fallen leaves, twigs and debris ensuring your house looks as presentable as possible.