Radiator Covers are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they hide unsightly radiators, they can provide extra storage, block heat and moisture from hitting curtains and help keep your children safe. 

If your radiators are slim, you may find the standard size is too wide and uses up more space than it needs. Consider making your own just like Arch & Mase Interiors - not only can you then get an exact fit, you can design your own. Keep on reading to discover how they did it.





Begin by measuring your space and drawing out an exact plan. From here you can easily work out what size MDF sheet you will need.




Use your tape measure to accurately mark up where you need to cut the MDF. When ready use a Mitre saw (or similar) to cut your lengths.



STEP 3: 

Lay out all your pieces on the floor to check everything fits together well. When you're happy begin gluing the pieces together with wood glue and use metal brackets to secure the main frame.

Top Tip: Straps are great for holding all the pieces together whilst they dry.




When ready attach the thin back board with screws and glue down the side pieces. Screw in corner brackets for extra support.


Your cover should now be looking similar to this: 


Next you will need to add the top piece. The over hang for this one was 2cm but you can make it as wide as you like. When ready screw down the top to secure. Make sure you use a countersink part so you can sink in your screws and fill over them.


 Add a trim to the boxes and around the top edge.


Once you're completely happy with your radiator cover, give it a light sanding to create a key for the paint to bond to. When sanded, grab a paint brush and Rust-Oleum Satin Furniture Paint in the colour of your choice and you're now ready to paint. You may need several coats for full coverage.

You can also use Chalky Furniture Paint or Utility Paint if preferred, just check if your paint requires a primer before hand. 


You're finished! Secure your cover to your wall using either a Panel Fixing or Wall Hanging Bracket. You can then style the top to your liking. 


Don't forget to let us see your designs - you can share them with us by emailing us at info@paintpeople.co.uk - you never know, we may just feature yours!