If your patio or paving slabs have seen better days, or if they’re just looking a bit lacklustre from daily wear and tear, why not brighten them up with our Seal ‘n’ Tint patio stain?

It’s easy to give your patio or slabs a makeover in just 2 easy steps, with Seal ‘n’ Tint. Here’s how: 

Step 1 - Prepare

When tacking patios and paving slabs, you’ll want the end-result to look as good as it can, so you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. So, careful and thorough preparation and cleaning is always important. Not only will it make it easier for an even application of the patio stain, it’ll mean longer-lasting results too.

  • Make sure your patio or slabs are clean and dry. That means, removing moss, algae and grease. Use a pressure washer to easily and effectively remove ground-in dirt
  • To remove moss and algae, sweep the patio with a stiff broom. If there’s thick coverage, we suggest using a fungicide
  • To remove grease, use our Oil & Grease Remover. Use a stiff broom and simply brush on undiluted Oil & Grease Remover. Leave it to soak-in for about 10 minutes, scrub with a stiff brush and then rinse with clean water. The oil and grease will just float away

Most concrete patios and slabs aren’t sealed. But if your paving has been sealed, you’ll need to remove it before applying Seal ‘n’ Tint. You can do this by using a chemical stripper which you can get from hardware or DIY stores. 

Step 2 - Apply

tinted patio

To create a natural look, choose a Seal ‘n’ Tint shade that will complement your existing brickwork or fencing. But to create a look similar to our photo, use our Seal ‘n’ Tint shades - Rustic Brick and Charcoal.

Seal ‘n’ Tint goes on like a wash. It’s very easy to apply, either with a paint brush, a roller, a plastic spray bottle or even on old, clean rag. Be careful not to overload your brush, roller or rag as drips can cause an uneven stain and you may need to add another coat if colour has dripped onto neighbouring slabs. 

To create our patterned look, simply stain different slabs with the different shades in an alternating pattern. Or you can apply a mix of shades to the same slabs by layering them on until you’ve got the shade you’d like. If you’d like a darker stain, just add more coats.

Once you’ve applied Seal ‘n’ Tint, if you notice the colour has faded or appears patchy, you can add a second coat as needed, after 12 hours.