The dreaded lockdown is here once again – but its not all doom and gloom! Think of it this way, 4 weeks where you have the time to tick off all the home DIY jobs you've been meaning to do.

Whether your thinking of selling your home, or just redecorating – there’s a plenty of inexpensive DIY jobs for you to complete from painting your floorboards, giving your walls a fresh new colour or adding that touch of personalisation to your furniture. Read on to discover more.


There’s never been a better time to rip up that old worn carpet – uncover your floorboards and give them a new lease of life. Floorboards are less expensive to maintain than carpet plus being more hygienic as stains (even oil) can be wiped off. If you have bright walls, consider painting the floor bright to match, not only does this give a classic timeless look, but it also tricks the eye and makes the room appear bigger.

For a minimalist vibe that never goes out of fashion (or ideal if your letting or renting) try Floorboard Paint – the classic colours will make any pops of colour stand out even more.

Or go vibrant and make a statement with our new Utility Paint. Not only is it hard-wearing and spill resistant – there’s 40 colours to choose from, so you can make your home unique to you.




A fresh coat of paint on your walls and skirting can work wonders to an interior. The walls of a room are more than likely to be one of the first things people notice especially if they are marked, chipped or appear otherwise uncared for. Make sure they complement your interior and make your home feel welcoming.

Whether your aim is white bright chic or dark statement colours Rust-Oleum Chalky Wall Paint is the perfect paint for the job. The finish is also scrubbable (rare for chalk paints), which means you can remove stubborn stains without damaging the paint finish.



Why spend a ton of money buying new furniture when you can upcycle and give purpose to an item that would have otherwise been scrapped. There are no limits when it comes to your furniture – go bold and quirky to match the style throughout your house or keep it muted and classic.

 Rust-Oleum Chalky Furniture Paint is a stand out favourite for transforming furniture. It not only gives exceptional coverage but there’s no need to sand or prime before painting. Alternatively, our range of decorative spray paints will add an elegant vibe to your household furniture that will last for years.



Often, it’s the small jobs like touching up skirtings, interior doors and window frames that get forgotten. Attention to detail is crucial in making your home feel fresh and brand new so why not spend the time to make sure every nook and cranny is freshened up.

Utility Paint is a perfect all rounder for the job – it gives a mid-gloss finish and is a single pack paint , which means you can pop the lid back on when you are done for the day.