Concrete Floor Leveller is an industrial grade resurfacer for rough or damaged concrete

  • Concrete Floor Leveller can be overpainted if desired, with an epoxy resin coating such as PaintPeople Garage Floor Paint
  • 20 kg of Concrete Floor Leveller will cover approximately 3m² at 3mm thickness and 0.9m² at 10mm thickness
  • Indoor use only recommended

The basics

You'll need

  • Mixing Blade
  • Spiked Roller with Telescopic handle
  • 10” Steel Float

These are available on our website and can be shipped with your order for Concrete Floor Leveller so you can get the job done quickly.


Concrete Floor Leveller is supplied in 20kg containers.


Instructions for use


Concrete Floor Leveller will set to a dust free surface that is so tough you can drive your car onto it. This resurfacer is great for old, rough, worn, damaged concrete or providing a new, smoother surface for tamped concrete. Traditional latex surface levellers can’t be painted or driven onto – they are usually applied to provide a smooth base for vinyl or wood.

Concrete Floor Leveller is different. It is a finished, hard wearing surface, that easily copes with vehicle traffic. Although Concrete Floor Leveller performs well outside, application can be impratical as it can crack during drying, particularly in direct sunlight or windy conditions. Concrete Floor Leveller is not recommended for use on very smooth surfaces.

Prepare It

The concrete surface should be reasonably clean. Usually a good sweep with a stiff broom is sufficient. The surface can be damp, but not wet. If the surface is painted then remove as much paint as possible along with any flaky paint. Any grease and oil should be removed with Oil & Grease Remover.

Prime It

First of all make sure you have a decent temperature of around 15°C. Do not apply to a floor surface at a temperature of less than 5°C. 2 primers are supplied with this product. If the concrete is very dry, or the temperature is very warm, dampen with clean cold water.

With a soft broom or brush, apply Primer 1 to bare concrete (do not apply Primer 1 to painted concrete). Primer 1 is designed to penetrate and harden bare, open textured concrete which reduces the risk of trapped air causing bubbles in the Concrete Floor leveller. Leave Primer 1 overnight to dry on such surfaces to make sure the surface is sealed. Primer 1 can be over coated in as little as 1 hour on reasonable quality concrete, but if in doubt leave it overnight until it has dried.

Then apply Primer 2, which can be applied when Primer 1 is tacky or dry – it doesn’t matter. We supply a generous amount of the Primer 2 in case surfaces are porous and absorb more of the substance. If that isn’t the case then it is usual to have some Primer 2 left over. Don’t use too much or it may seep through the Concrete Floor Leveller and if painted over may lead to a patchy finish.

Mix It

As soon as you’ve applied Primer 2 it is time to mix the product. Pour the contents of the resin bottle into the bucket and gradually add the powder and mix until even with a slow speed drill fitted with a mixing blade.

Work the mixing blade around the base and sides of the container. You’ll know you’re finished when an even colour and creamy consistency is achieved (normally not more than five minutes).

Apply It

Pour the product onto the area you’ve primed and spread with a trowel. It is quite flowable, but just needs a bit of help up to edges and into corners. To remove any air you’ll need a spiked roller, which we can supply – it really is that simple. Don’t use the spiked roller for more than 20 minutes as the mixture will be starting to set.

Try not to tread primer or the mixture into surrounding areas as they will be difficult to remove. Please don’t apply Concrete Floor Leveller at temperatures less than 15°C or more than 30°C. Temperatures about 25°C can make the product sticky and cause fine cracks to appear when set and temperatures below 15°C will stop it drying at all.

Dry it

After approximately six hours (assuming a temperature of 15°C), the surface will accept foot and light traffic and is fully set in a maximum of 36 hours at a depth of 5mm.

Paint It

In common with cement based products, the shade of Concrete Floor Leveller can vary. So if appearance is important, you may wish to paint it. The use of a single pack concrete  floor paint is not recommended, as new Concrete Floor Leveller has residual alkalinity which adversely affects the paint. Instead, use a two part water based epoxy coating such as Garage Floor Paint.

Clean It

Clean your equipment in water before the product starts to set. When fully set, Concrete Floor Leveller can be cleaned with detergents or degreasers, such as Oil & Grease Remover. Concrete Floor Leveller should never be cleaned at temperatures of 60°C or more.

What else do I need to know?

Store It

The shelf life of Concrete Floor Leveller, if unopened, is one year from date of manufacture. Do not allow to freeze.

Disposal and Safety Information

Please see the Material Safety Data Sheet.