Firmtread® Anti Slip Deck Coating is an easy to paint on, oil based liquid that will keep you on your feet, not your toes, as well as giving your decking a makeover. Better yet, it comes in a choice of clear or five coloured tints to bring out the natural grain of the wood.

  • Provides excellent traction on slippery decking to keep you safe
  • Gives weathered decking a new lease of life
  • Available in a choice of natural shades to enhance the look of the wood
  • Easy to apply, simply paint on with a brush or roller
  • Lightly textured, matt/low sheen finish

The basics

You'll need

  • 5" Paint Brush
  • Gloves
  • Stiff Broom

These products are available on our website and can be shipped with your order for Firmtread Anti Slip Deck Coat, so you can get the job done quickly.

Colour Range

Clear, Silver Birch, Rich Teak, Light Oak, Medium Walnut, Sage Green
While great care is taken with the colour samples shown on the product pages, no guarantee can be given that they represent exactly the colours offered.


Firmtread® Anti Slip Deck Coating is supplied in 2.5 litre (1/2 gallon) containers.


Here is a photo from a real project using PAINTPEOPLE Firmtread Anti Slip Deck Coat.

A finished project using PAINTPEOPLE Firmtread Anti Slip Deck Coat

Instructions for use


Inevitably decking will weather and start to look past its best. Give it a makeover with Firmtread® Anti Slip Deck Coating and your decking will not only look good but it will be safe to walk on too.

Prepare It

Your decking must be completely dry before you apply Firmtread® Anti Slip Deck Coating. Do not apply in cold, damp conditions or if rain is forecast that day. Lichen, algae or grease and oil deposits should be removed for the best possible finish. You can wash your decking with water and a mild detergent and give it a good brushing with a stiff broom, but leave to dry thoroughly.

Apply It

Stir the product well. Apply by brush or mini roller, wearing gloves. We recommend two coats for maximum protection. The more coats applied, the darker the final result.

Stained or painted wood
Firmtread® Anti Slip Deck Coating is designed to bring out the natural grain of your wood. If your wood has been stained or painted, the product may not entirely block out the previous colour since it’s partially translucent to reflect the surface of the timber. Multiple coats will help, but it is advisable to carry out a test area to make sure you are happy with the finish.

Dry It

Under normal temperatures above 15°C, Firmtread® Deck Coat will be touch dry in 2-4 hours. You can recoat it after 8 hours.

Cover It

Coverage is approximately 20m² per 2.5 litres pack per coat.

What else do I need to know?

Don’t use:

In damp conditions otherwise blooming can occur. Clean It: Brushes and rollers can be cleaned with White Spirit.

Do use:

Deck Clean: This is an effective but kind cleaner, designed to remove dirt from decking surfaces and other timber. It will also handle lichen and algae too. It is biodegradable and comes in an economical concentrated form. You can even use it to clean concrete and other similar surfaces too.

Store It

The shelf life of Firmtread® Anti Slip Deck Coating, if unopened, is one year.