How to use Floorboard Paint

A tough polyurethane paint for wooden floorboards that is available in a choice of four attractive colours. If your floorboards aren’t in good enough condition to sand and varnish, or you simply fancy brightening them up, then choose a dedicated floorboard paint that will not only enhance the look of the wood, but protect it from every day wear and tear too. We’ve got just the paint.


Garages, cellars, basements – anywhere there is a concrete floor that needs brightening up.


Any protruding nails should be dealt with; use a hammer and punch to knock them in. Sand off any blemishes and give the surface a good wipe over with a damp (not wet) cloth and allow to dry thoroughly. Stir the paint and apply it. If your boards are really pitted or damaged, you may want to put some wood filler into offending holes, splits and gashes.


First of all the room needs to be warm, around 15°C. Do not apply in temperatures less than 10°C. Depending on the condition of your floorboards, and the look you want to achieve, you may need two coats. If your floorboards are in good shape and you want a bit of the wood grain to show through, then one coat should be fine. However, if there are substantial blemishes then two coats are recommended, which will make them even harder wearing. Apply by brush or mini roller (the kind you use for getting behind radiators). Do not use a normal sized roller as this will cause drips in between the boards, which could be a problem if you are painting an upstairs room as the paint will work its way down onto the ceiling below.



Coverage: Depending on the porosity of the wood, you can expect a 2.5 litre tin to cover approximately 20m² (215 sq. ft.) with one coat.

Dry it: It’s usually touch dry in 12 hours, but please make sure it’s completely hard before using the floor. Ideally leave it for two days (assuming the temperature of the room is 15°C and you have good ventilation), after which furniture should be ‘placed’ not ‘dragged’ over the fresh paint to avoid scratching and damage.


The shelf life of Floorboard Paint, if unopened, is one year.


Please see the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Paintpeople Floorboard Paint Tin Tough Paint for wooden floors
Paintpeople Floorboard Paint Tin Tough Paint for wooden floors
Floorboard Paint lifestyle shot if walk in wardrobe which is very white and minimalistic
Customer image of a bedroom where the floorboard have been coated in Floorboard Paint by Paintepople
Customer image of a dinning room where the floorboards have been painted in Floorboard Paint by Paintpeople

Floorboard Paint - 2.5L

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