Coating damp floors has always been a headache. In most cases the floor has to be really dry, so what do you do when it isn’t? Worry no more; just apply 2 coats of our Damp Proof Membrane! It’s a combination of cement, synthetic resins and special additives, which can be applied to a damp or even wet surface and it will stay down! It’s not only an excellent damp proofer, it’s also hardwearing enough to drive a car over, so if you’ve got a garage where there’s rising damp, Damp Proof Membrane is perfect. And, if that isn’t enough Damp Proof Membrane is also highly flexible making it ideal to use on a balcony where there could be some movement and it won’t crack. This coating is quite thick which helps smooth an uneven surface. It’s really easy to use and once two coats have been applied you will have peace of mind that the floor has been protected and will last.

  • Tough, cement, synthetic resin with special additives – strong enough to drive a car over
  • Damp proofs and leaves a strong protective finish at the same time
  • Highly flexible – doesn’t crack if there is any movement in the floor
  • Easy to apply – just use a medium pile roller to get a textured finish, or a short pile roller for a smooth finish
  • Low odour so it’s safe to use indoors as well as outdoors
  • Can be painted with a water based paint – PaintPeople™ Basement Floor Paint or PaintPeople™ Garage Floor Paint are ideal
  • Frost resistant
  • You don’t need a primer!
  • Versatile – can be used on concrete, metal, tiles and wood
  • Grey

The basics

You’ll need

  • Slow Speed Drill
  • Mixing Blade
  • 9" Medium Pile and a Short Pile Roller (if you would like a smooth finish)
  • 5" Paint Brush
  • 2" Paint Brush

Colour Range


While great care is taken with the colour samples shown on the product pages, no guarantee can be given that they represent exactly the colours offered.


Damp Proof Membrane is supplied in 10kg containers.


Here is a photo from a real project using PAINTPEOPLE Damp Proof Membrane.

An application image showing PAINTPEOPLE Damp Proof Membrane

Instructions for use


Garages, driveways, balconies, cellars, roofs and water fountains.

Prepare It

Before using Damp Proof Membrane you will need to ensure the surface to be coated is clean and doesn’t have any loose or flaky particles on it. You’ll also need to sand any existing painted surfaces. If your concrete is new, you’ll need to leave it for at least four weeks and then treat the surface with PaintPeople™ Concrete Etchant to remove the dust which tends to form on new concrete. You should also use the etchant on existing, smooth, bare concrete as it will remove general dirt too making sure that Damp Proof Membrane sticks well to the floor. If your surface is oily then PaintPeople™ Oil & Grease Remover will take care of that.

Important: The concrete must be damp (but not so wet that there is water sitting on the surface) in order for Damp Proof Membrane to bond well. Therefore, it is best to apply it immediately after the floor has been washed using Concrete Etchant or the Oil & Grease Remover. If the floor is dry, then dampen it down first.

Apply It

Don’t forget, the floor must be damp so if it’s dry then dampen it down again. If a textured finish is what you’re after apply it with a medium pile roller, but if you’d prefer a smooth finish ‘flatten’ the texture with a short pile or foam roller before the coating dries. Put the first coat down so it’s anywhere between half a millimetre (no less) and one and a half millimetres (no more) thick. If you are using this specifically for damp proofing you should not apply it less than 1mm thick per coat. It can also be used vertically, so if you are damp proofing a floor you might want to use it to damp proof the base of the wall so you have a continuous seal. Once the first coat has dried, (which will probably take about 12 hours depending on how warm it is and how good the ventilation is), the second coat can be applied. If you would like to put a 3rd coat on you can, just leave the second coat to dry before you do. Do not apply if the surface temperature is less than 5°C.

Dry It

It can be walked on after approximately 16 hours and driven over with a car after about 3 days – this is assuming the temperature is around 15°C and well ventilated. If it’s colder than this you will need to leave it a couple of days longer. Just check it is hard before moving a car onto it.

Cover It

If you are using a roller and applying two coats you can expect coverage of 4-5m² per 10kgs per coat at 1mm thick. Use a brush for cutting in, you’ll find this easier to get a neat edge.

Clean It

Clean your equipment in water before the product starts to set.

What else do I need to know?

Don't use:

If the temperature is below 5°C-7°C.

Do use:

Concrete Etchant: If your concrete is new, (at least 4 weeks old) or where there is laitance (dusty cement particles). Coverage: 20m² per 5 litres maximum

Oil & Grease Remover: This is solvent free and virtually odourless and is great at removing grease before painting. Can be used in concentrated form for heavy grease or oil, or you can dilute 50:50 with water to remove lighter deposits or as a general maintenance tool.

Store It

Store at temperatures above 10°C. The shelf life of Damp Proof Membrane, if unopened, is one year. Do not allow to freeze.

Disposal and Safety information

Please see the Material Safety Data Sheet.