Apr 23, 2018


  • For unpainted masonry, the surface must be at least 30 days old, clean and free from oil and grease. Remove all mould and mildew. The surface may be dry or slightly damp, but not wet
  • For painted surfaces, remove as much of the existing paint as possible. Clean and sand any remaining coating to provide a key


  • You’ll need to apply two coats; the first coat primes and the second provides the damp proofing. It dries to a wipe clean finish which will resist mould growth. You can use it inside or out, and above or below ground level on bare masonry, brick or concrete, etc.
  • Damp Stop 3 in 1 is a solvent based acrylic and some fumes may be given off. Therefore, during application indoors, please make sure doors and windows are left open

NB: Damp Stop 3 In 1 may be overcoated in 14 days if required.