• Apply to concrete, stone, metal, tarmac or wood. However, new concrete should be at least a month old and new tarmac at least 3 months old
  • Remove loose surface material with a wire brush and sweep (or vacuum) away. Use Oil & Grease Remover if needed, cracks and holes in concrete should be repaired with a concrete repair product such as Epoxy Repair Mortar
  • Apply over existing painted surfaces provided the paint isn’t flaking. If it is, sand off, as well as sanding any glossy surfaces to provide a key
  • Decor Grip should not be used on aluminium, stainless steel or any profiled metal surfaces
  • If applying to wood, sand it first. Untreated timber should have the underside and edges sealed with varnish
  • Asphalt needs to be hosed with water and left to dry
  • To ensure neat lines use masking tape to mark off the area being treated

Apply The Mixture:

  • The hardener and epoxy resin come in two packs
  • Empty the contents of the smaller tin into the larger one, making sure all the contents are removed and mix thoroughly together for about 3 minutes with a wide-bladed tool, such as a spatula
  • Mark out an area of 5m² maximum. Use the mixture immediately, as if left in the tin it will become hot and unusable. The usable working life of the product is 20 minutes at 20°C (less at higher temperatures).
  • Do not mix in the stone chips to the mixture, they are for sprinkling on at the end

Apply the Stone chips:

  • As soon as you have applied the mixed resin and hardener, distribute the stone chips as evenly as possible onto the wet surface by sprinkling it on by hand
  • Use a broom to distribute the loose chips onto bare patches. Make sure the grit is firmly bedded into the wet resin
  • Where the chips have been applied too thinly (or the mixture too thickly) the mixture may seep through. Don’t worry, simply apply more chips to these areas
  • Once the coating has fully set you can sweep away any excess chips