If you’ve got a pothole in your tarmac or asphalt, perhaps on a drive or a tennis court, then fill it fast and permanently with Drive Fill, the heavy duty instant pothole repair.

There is a four point plan for fixing holes with Drive Fill Instant Pothole Repair:

  • Clean It
  • Fill It
  • Compact It
  • Use It... immediately!

The basics

You’ll need

  • Compactor
  • Hand Shovel

These products are available on our website and can be shipped with your order for Drive Fill so you can get the job done quickly.


Drive Fill is supplied in 25 kg containers.

Instructions for use


Potholes in asphalt or tarmac are bad news as they can be dangerous as well as looking unsightly. They can also cause early erosion of a whole area as water seeps in. That’s why we invented Drive Fill, an instant repair material, the easiest way to fill potholes. All you do is to put the mixture into the hole, even it out and you’re done. Drive Fill gives you a hard surface that you can walk on or drive a vehicle over – immediately! It is made up of polished aggregate and a liquid to bind it together. It’s based on bitumen and is black in colour. The colour may fade over time, but its strength will remain the same.

Prepare It

Simply remove any loose material and surface liquids, such as water and oil. It doesn’t matter if the area to be repaired is damp.

Apply It

Drive Fill is so easy to use. Simply empty the primer from the plastic bottle into the hole and spread it around with a paint brush (it doesn’t have to completely cover the surface). The primer just helps to give it a better bond overall.

Tip the Drive Fill into the hole, slightly higher than the hole itself. This makes it easier to compact firmly using a shovel or compactor. You can even bed it down further by driving a car over the repair. It can be used in hot or cold weather, but becomes stiff and a bit difficult to work with if the temperature falls below freezing.

Set It

Although the product will harden over time it can be driven over immediately.

Cover It

25kg covers approximately 0.5m2 at a minimum thickness of 25mm. Do not apply to a depth of more than 100mm.

What else do I need to know?

Store It

If you have any Drive Fill left over then simply fix the container lid back on the tub tightly and store in a warm location. The shelf life of Drive Fill, if unopened, is one year. Do not allow to freeze.

Disposal and Safety information

Please see the Material Safety Data Sheet.