Driveway Paint is a matt, lightly textured, slip resistant paint that will keep you on your feet and not on the floor! It brightens up and protects concrete and asphalt surfaces and looks really smart too.

  • Use on asphalt and concrete
  • No need to prime
  • Covers really well with just one coat
  • Good slip resistance
  • Anti slip aggregate is pre-mixed so its easy to apply and get an even finish
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Low odour, water based acrylic

The basics

You’ll need

  • 9" Roller and tray
  • Spare Roller
  • 5" Paint Brush

These products are available on our website and can be shipped with your order for Driveway Paint so you can get the job done quickly.

Colour Range

Stone Grey, Black, Brick Red
While great care is taken with the colour samples shown on the product pages, no guarantee can be given that they represent exactly the colours offered.


Driveway Paint Paint is supplied in 5 litre containers.

Instructions for use


If you’ve got a concrete or asphalt floor, eventually it will need a bit of a re-vamp. If you want to brighten it up and make it safer at the same time, then Driveway Paint scores on both counts. It not only looks good but it is an anti slip paint that will help prevent dangerous slips and trips. The ‘secret’ ingredient is a light aggregate that is pre-mixed into the paint, which gives it strong anti slip properties.

It has very good ultra-violet light resistance which will prevent fading if used outdoors.

Prepare It

The surface to be painted should be clean and dry, although a little bit of dampness isn’t a problem. If there is oil, grease or other contaminants then treat it first with Oil & Grease Remover.

If your floor has been painted before, make sure the old paint is not flaking. It’s best to lightly abrade it, as this will remove any weak areas and provide a slightly rough surface for Driveway Paint to bond to.

Apply It

Give it a good stir and apply Driveway Paint with a roller. Only one coat is normally needed, but you may need a second on porous or rough surfaces. If so, it can normally be applied after about 6 hours depending on drying conditions.

Do not apply the paint too thickly. The texture develops as the paint dries, so don’t worry if it isn’t immediately apparent.

If you are using Driveway Paint outside, choose a dry day when rain is not forecast. Don’t apply it if the temperature falls below 10°C or goes above 30°C.

Note: Driveway Paint is not recommended for use on Stamped/ Imprinted concrete, etc. These surfaces are too smooth and nonporous for the coating to bond sufficiently.

Dry It

Within 24 hours the painted area can be used for light traffic and ready for full use after 48 hours (these times will be extended when the weather is cold, damp or humid).

Cover It

Covers approximately 15-20m² per 5 litres.

Clean It

Clean brushes and rollers in warm soapy water before the paint starts to dry.

What else do I need to know?

Don't use:

Only use on well drained surfaces and do not apply in areas that are normally under water, as this could actually mean the product could contribute to a slip hazard rather than prevent one.

Do not overfill crevices in asphalt or tarmac, as this will not only extend drying times, but can reduce the drainage capability of the surface which may cause a slip hazard in the wet. This will also reduce the coverage dramatically.

Do use:

Oil & Grease Remover: This is solvent free and virtually odourless and is great at removing grease before painting. Can be used in concentrated form for heavy grease or oil, or you can dilute 50:50 with water to remove lighter deposits or as a general maintenance tool.

Store It

The shelf life of Driveway Paint, if unopened, is one year. Do not allow to freeze.

Disposal and Safety information

Please see the Material Safety Data Sheet.