• Ensure the surface is as dry as it can be, and is clean and free from loose or crumbly pieces of concrete.
  • If the surface is very smooth, roughen it so that the product can really bond with the concrete. 
  • Use in dry conditions and do not use at temperatures lower than 10°C. We suggest you brush the area with a stiff broom or wire brush.
  • If there is grease or oil on the surface then remove with Oil & Grease Remover.


  • Mix the hardener and mixture together until the mortar is smooth and grey. You can do this with a trowel, but a gloved hand is best
  • The mixture will be stiffer than traditional sand and cement, so keep compressing it with the trowel as you work it into the area being repaired. The more you compress the product the wetter the surface becomes, which makes it easier to work with
  • The usual thickness for floors that receive heavy traffic (such as a garage) is 5mm, but this product is so strong you can ‘feather edge’ the repair
  • Depending on temperature, and amount used, the average working life of the product is 30-60 minutes 

Trade Tip
For a professional finish wipe the towel with a cloth that has been dipped in white spirit. This makes it easier to smooth the mortar.