• The decking to which you fix the strips should be clean, dry and free from debris


  • To cut the strips to size power tools are best. However, a jigsaw, hacksaw or abrasive disc will do the job too, but will need more elbow grease
  • Lay the strips on the deck in the way you would like them to be fixed, so you can see how they fit and where to cut them.
  • To fix to the deck boards we supply 8x30mm zinc plated or stainless steel screws to fit into the pre-drilled holes. We recommend a #10 drill and a #8 screw as the wood contracts and expands slightly. If you need to add extra screws, please follow these settings
  • One row of screw holes are pre-drilled in the 50mm and 90mm wide strips, holes are 50mm from each end