Transform and update your garage floor in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – clean and prepare the floor

Make sure the floor is clean and dry before applying the etchant. Just give it a good scrub with a stiff broom. Then, apply the Concrete Etchant evenly. We suggest using a plastic watering can with a rose spout. Wait about 15 minutes, for the frothing to stop and then flush the floor thoroughly with clean water. You’ll know the job is finished when you can scrape the floor with a coin and there’s no powdery film. If your floor’s in very poor condition, you may need to repeat a second time.

Step 2 – get ready for painting

Before you start, make sure the floor is clean and dry. If the floor is already painted, roughen the surface to help the new paint stick. If the floor’s oily, try our Oil & Grease Remover for a thorough clean. For sand and cement screeds, use Prime ‘n’ Seal to get the perfect base for painting.

Step 3 – mix and apply the paint

Just so you know, our Garage Floor Paint is made up of a tin of epoxy resin and a tin of curing agent. Once the two are mixed together, a chemical reaction takes place and the paint will harden in the tin within an hour. You’ll need a separate set (resin and curing agent) for each coat. We don’t recommend splitting the content and part mixing, as the paint won’t cure properly.

And don’t forget, it needs to be 10°C or warmer otherwise the paint won’t dry properly.

When you’re ready, pour the contents from the floor paint resin tin into the larger tin which contains the hardener (floor paint curing agent). Mix thoroughly until the colour and consistency are even. The paint needs to be stirred well but be sure not to thin it.

Using the roller (supplied in our Kit), apply the paint, working it well into the surface of the floor. If you’re using your own roller, use a medium pile, simulated-sheepskin one. Don’t stretch the paint too far – you shouldn’t exceed the maximum coverage. As the paint cures, it will darken slightly – don’t over-roll it.

You can apply the second coat as soon as the first coat is dry. That usually takes between 12-18 hours. The second coat should be applied within 5 days.

Your garage can be back into full use (provided the temperature’s normal) somewhere between 16-36 hours.