Garage Floor Sealer is a penetrative acrylic sealer for porous concrete floors. If you want a clear sealer for use inside or out that stops the floor from dusting and is easy to keep clean, then this is for you. It also leaves a surface film to help cleaning and shrug off stains.

  • Highly penetrative clear sealer that really does stop the floor from dusting
  • Seals the floor so it’s easy to keep clean – just wipe away the dirt
  • Binds everything together, strengthening it at the same time
  • It does so much with just one coat!
  • So versatile – it can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Can be applied to bare concrete, sand and cement screeds and masonry…as long as they’re porous

The basics

You’ll need

  • Soft Broom
  • 5" Paint Brush

These products are available on our website and can be shipped with your order for Garage Floor Sealer so you can get the job done quickly.


Garage Floor Sealer is available in 5 litre units.


Here is a photo from a real project using PAINTPEOPLE Garage Floor Sealer.

A project using PAINTPEOPLE Garage Floor Sealer

Instructions for use

Prepare It

Garage Floor Sealer must go onto a porous surface, so if your floor has been painted or sealed, or is non-porous then don’t use it! It’s best to get the floor as dry as possible but if you’ve cleaned your floor and it’s still a bit damp from the cleaning process, don’t worry, this is fine. Just remember that the Garage Floor Sealer will penetrate a lot more if the concrete is dry. If the floor is oily then our Oil & Grease Remover will take care of that. If the floor looks clean to you, don’t worry about any further cleaning just sweep off any surface dust or ‘bits’. Don’t clean sand and cement screed floors, or any floors that are porous - the more porous a floor is the longer the water (from where you’ve washed it) will take to evaporate and as such it will extend the drying time.

Apply It

First of all make sure you have a decent temperature of around 15°C. Do not apply to a floor surface at a temperature of less than 10°C. It’s really easy to apply. Just tip it onto the floor and sweep it around. Don’t put it on thickly in one place and thinly on another, do your best to get the application as even as possible, and don’t let it ‘sit’ on the surface. If you find that it’s penetrated quickly, just top it up a bit to see if that area will take anymore, if it does then keep going until it’s absorbed as much as it can. Basically, you are just trying to fill up all the pores of the concrete so that it can do what it’s designed to do – to strengthen, to dustproof and to seal. This is usually a one coat application, but if you have a particularly porous surface and the sealer soaks right in, a second coat can be applied to improve the finish.

Dry It

Garage Floor Sealer will be ready to walk on within about 8 hours, but before putting it back into continual use, leave it for 12 hours. This assumes warm drying conditions of around 15°C.

Cover It

Each 5L covers around 40m2 and it’s a one coat application. However, the coverage and number of applications needed just depends on how porous the concrete is.

Clean It

Warm, soapy water will clean applicators and spillages.

What else do I need to know?

Don't use:

On any non-porous surfaces because it just won’t penetrate.

Concrete Etchant, even if the floor is new or dusty – you need to avoid getting the floor wet.

Do use:

Oil & Grease Remover: This is solvent free and virtually odourless and is great at removing grease before painting. It can be used in concentrated form for heavy grease or oil, or you can dilute it 50:50 with water to remove lighter deposits or as a general maintenance tool. Remember – you do need to make sure the floor is completely dry before applying Garage Floor Sealer.

Store It

Store at temperatures above 10°C. The shelf life of Garage Floor Sealer, if unopened, is one year. Do not allow to freeze.

Disposal and Safety information

Please see the Material Safety Data Sheet.