Garage Wall Paint is the ideal coating to turn a drab dull wall into a cheery, easy to keep clean finish. This high opacity, water based acrylic emulsion seals and protects while covering minor imperfections at the same time.

  • One thick coat covers well and hides minor imperfections
  • Non-drip formula
  • Dries quickly – touch dry in just 4 hours!
  • Easy to maintain – just touch it up as and when you need to
  • Apply with a brush (although a roller may be used if that’s what you’d prefer)
  • Apply to bare or previously painted walls
  • Suitable for plaster, render, brick and concrete
  • White, matt finish (if it’s going over a previously painted finish it may leave a satin finish)

The basics

You’ll need

  • 9" Roller and tray
  • 5" Paint Brush

These products are available on our website and can be shipped with your order for Garage Wall Paint so you can get the job done quickly.

Colour Range


While great care is taken with the colour samples shown on the product pages, no guarantee can be given that they represent exactly the colours offered.


Garage Wall Paint is supplied in 10L containers.

Instructions for use


Garages, cellars, basements – anywhere there is a wall that needs brightening up.

Prepare It

Before painting you will need to ensure the surface to be painted is dry and clean. If the surface is already painted, you’ll need to remove any loose paint using a wire brush or sandpaper. Also if the paint is glossy, again abrade it to dull down the shine to leave a sufficient ‘key’. Garage Wall Paint covers really well in just one coat, but if the wall is unpainted and it’s very porous, such as blockwork, dilute the Garage Wall Paint with 10% water and this will act as a priming coat. Follow up with another coat undiluted. Good preparation is so important if you want the job to go well and the paint to last.

Apply It

It’s easy to apply, just give it a good stir and apply it with a brush. You can apply it with a roller if you find it easier, but you will find it will go on thinner compared with a paint brush and therefore you might have to put a second coat on. You should apply this in warm, dry conditions with good ventilation. Don’t use if the temperature goes below 10°C.

Dry It

Garage Wall Paint will be touch dry in 2-4 hours assuming the temperature is around 15°C-20°C with good ventilation, and ready for a second coat (if needed) after 4-6 hours.

Cover It

If you are using a paint brush you can expect to cover 50m2 per 10L in just one thick coat.

Clean It

Warm soapy water is all that’s needed to clean the brushes (and hands) with.

What else do I need to know?

Don't use:

Don’t use Garage Wall Paint outdoors - it is only suitable for indoor use.

Store It

Store at temperatures above 10°C. The shelf life of Garage Wall Paint, if unopened, is one year.

Do not allow to freeze.

Disposal and Safety information

Please see the Material Safety Data Sheet.