Before using, the product should be stored at temperatures between 10°C and 30°C. The colder the product the harder it will be to cut and lay.


  • Potholes should be filled with Drive Fill Instant Pothole Repair. Cracks may be filled with Drive Fix Asphalt Crack Filler mixed with sand to form an effective mortar
  • Apply an even thin coat of primer with a paintbrush, without letting it flood on any parts of the surface. The primer can be applied to damp, but not wet surfaces as well as dry ones


  • Position the roll with the protective backing paper face down
  • Unroll a bit at a time whilst simultaneously peeling the backing paper away from the roll’s leading edge
  • If you are applying to a large area we recommend you use a roller for maximum adhesion to the surface
  • Cut to size as required with a sharp knife. Then the surface is ready for foot traffic. Leave for at least 24 hours before driving over it

After Care:

  • To keep clean simply sweep with a broom. If you need to wash it then a mild detergent and clean water will do the trick