• Ensure the damaged area is free from oil and loose grit by brushing it with a stiff broom or wire brush
  • The surface to be treated can be damp but not wet


  • Slowly add 150-200ml (maximum) of clean water to 1kg of Pourable Concrete Repair powder. It’s important to do it this way rather than adding the powder to the water. Don’t mix up more than can be used within a few minutes as it sets really quickly. Any powder left over can be stored and used for future repairs.
  • Mix using a spatula (or similar) to reduce air bubbles.
  • Pour it into the hole immediately after mixing and level it off with a trowel. Do not be tempted to re-stir the mixture as this may result in a weaker repair. You get around 5-10 minutes (at a temperature of approximately 20°C) before the Pourable Concrete Repair becomes hard and unusable, so you need to be quick!
  • Full strength is achieved at just 5mm thick. Holes as deep as 100mm (4”) can be repaired in one go