Apr 23, 2018


  • Before starting you will need to ensure the surface is dry, clean and doesn’t have any loose or flaky paint on it
  • If your concrete is new you’ll need to leave it for at least four weeks and then treat the surface with Concrete Etchant to get rid of excess alkalinity
  • If your surface is oily then Oil & Grease Remover will take care of that. If you do have to wash the concrete, rather than just giving it a good sweep, allow it to dry so that the Prime ‘n’ Seal can really penetrate
  • Surface damage can be repaired with Epoxy Repair Mortar, which is designed for concrete surfaces


  • Prime ‘n’ Seal consists of a curing agent and a tin of resin. Stir both tins and empty the smaller tin into the larger one. Stir them together and use straight away (you have about 1-2 hours to apply it)
  • Apply with a brush or medium pile roller, working it thoroughly into the surface
  • Only apply the product in a warm, dry and well ventilated area
  • Ideally the product should be applied at temperatures between 15-25°C. Lower temperatures will greatly increase the drying time
  • We don’t recommend you apply Prime ‘n’ Seal if the floor temperature is below 10°C. 
  • Under normal temperatures with good ventilation expect a drying time of between 4-6 hours