Apr 18, 2018


  • Ensure the surface to be treated is clean, dry and free from algae and moss. A good sweep with a stiff broom removes most things, but a fungicide may be necessary on heavier growths
  • Oil & Grease Remover will get rid of residue from cars, garden tools and barbecues


  • Making sure the lid is on tight, give the tin a good shake. Apply in dry, warm (above 10°C) conditions. Good ventilation helps the product to dry
  • Pour some into a roller tray. Don’t pour directly onto your concrete as this may create a patchy effect. Using a medium pile roller apply sparingly to make sure you are achieving the desired result
  • A paint brush or mini roller will help with edges or small areas. If using a paint brush you can apply it straight from the tin. Work the liquid into the surface as evenly as you can. Apply more as necessary if you find you have very porous concrete and the coating is sinking in
  • Don’t apply too thickly or overload your brush or roller. If it drips  Seal ‘n’ Tint will stain, which isn’t serious, but means you will have to put another coat on to compensate

Trade Tip:

Seal ‘n’ Tint is a tinted sealant not a paint. Don’t overload the roller or paintbrush because if it drips, it stains. If this happens, give the whole area another coat.