How to use Seal 'n' Tint - Concrete Patio Stain

Seal ‘n’ Tint isn’t a paint – it’s a bit different. Seal ‘n’ Tint is a penetrative, water based tinted sealer, which enhances the look of concrete rather than disguising it.


if you’ve got a basement floor which needs a bit of sprucing up, just apply two or more coats of Seal ‘n’ Tint (depending on the look you are trying to create). You will be left with a dust free, coloured, low sheen finish, which is easy to keep clean and looks good.


There’s not much preparation to do. If your floor is clean, dry and free from any loose material, just give it a good sweep and you’re good to go. If there’s any grease or oil present, treat it with our Oil & Grease Remover.

Seal ‘n’ Tint is designed for porous surfaces, so if your basement floor has been painted or sealed, then you will need to remove it all first. If your floor is very porous, it’s best not to wash it before applying Seal ‘n’ Tint, since it will absorb too much water. Seal ‘n’ Tint should ideally be applied to a completely dry surface, however some slight dampness from cleaning is not a problem.


Making sure the lid is on tight, give the tin a good shake. Apply in dry, warm (above 10°C) conditions. Good ventilation helps the product to dry. Pour some into a roller tray. Don’t pour directly onto your concrete as this may create a patchy effect. Using a medium pile roller apply sparingly to make sure you are achieving the desired result. A paint brush or mini roller will help with edges or small areas. If using a paint brush, you can apply it straight from the tin. Work the liquid into the surface as evenly as you can. Apply more as necessary if you find you have very porous concrete and the coating is sinking in.

Don’t apply too thickly or overload your brush or roller. If it drips Seal ‘n’ Tint will stain, which isn’t serious, but means you will have to put another coat on to compensate.



Dry it: You will be able to walk on it after approximately 16 hours, based on a minimum temperature of 15°C. The lower the temperature, the longer the drying time. Seal ‘n’ Tint will be fully resistant to scuffing in 7 days at 15°C.

2.5 litres (1/2 gallon) of Seal ‘n’ Tint will cover approximately 18.5m² (200 square feet) with one coat. We recommend you apply a minimum of two coats, leaving 8 hours between coats. If your concrete is very absorbent you may need a third. The more coats you apply, the darker the final result will be.

Don’t use:
Seal ‘n’ Tint on concrete that is less than 28 days old.

If your surface is oily or greasy - use Oil & Grease Remover: This is solvent free and virtually odourless and is great at removing grease before painting. Can be used in concentrated form for heavy grease or oil, or you can dilute 50:50 with water to remove lighter deposits or as a general maintenance tool.


The shelf life of Seal ‘n’ Tint, if unopened, is one year. Do not allow to freeze.

Paintpeople Seal 'n' Tint Concrete Patio Stain Jerry Can
Paintpeople Seal 'n' Tint Concrete Patio Stain Jerry Can
Seal 'n' Tint in Rustic Brick, One half has been coated, the other is untreated
Seal 'n' Tint in the shade Charcoal - difference between treated and untreated patio
Seal 'n' Tint in the shade Charcoal - difference between treated and untreated patio
Seal 'n' Tint in the shade Charcoal - difference between treated and untreated patio

Seal 'n' Tint Concrete Patio Stain - 2.5L

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