Damp Proof Membrane
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Make damp floors a thing of the past with Damp Proof Membrane. While traditional solutions require the surface to be completely dry before it can be overcoated, it is not needed with our solution. It’s combination of cement, synthetic resins and special additives mean it’s long lasting and can be used on dry, damp and wet surfaces without it lifting.

Dries in 16 hours

Covers 4-5m2 per 10kg

Strong enough to drive a car over

Perfect for concrete, metal, tiles and wood

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It’s a thick coating that helps to level uneven floors, dampproof and provide a strong protective finish at the same time.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Hardwearing and tough enough to be driven over by cars
  • Highly flexible so can be used on areas where there is movement, such as balconies
  • Can be over coated with a water based paint such as Basement Floor Paint or Garage Floor Paint

Features and benefits:

  • Highly flexible - won't crack
  • Easy to apply - no primer required
  • Helps smooth uneven surfaces
  • Low odour - can be used inside and out
  • Frost resistant 

Useful Information

    Damp Proof Membrane Product Information Sheet

    Damp Proof Membrane Powder Safety Data Sheet

    Damp Proof Membrane Liquid Safety Data Sheet

    Technical Specification

    Application temperature:

    Do not apply if surface temperature is less than 5°C



     Use on:

    Concrete, metal, tiles and wood

     Use where:

    Garages, driveways, balconies, cellars, roofs and water fountains. 


    Tough, cement synthetic resin with special additives - strong enough to drive a car over

     Drying time:

    Can be walked over in approx 16 hours and driven over by car in approx 3 days, assuming the area is around 15°c and well ventilated.

     Recommended coats:



     4-5m2 per 10kg



    Ask a Question
    • A: This is a roller applied membrane for floors with rising damp issues – I would not recommend applying this to vertical surfaces as I cannot guarantee its performance.

      Applying to two separate areas on the floor is fine – although there is a risk of seeing a visible difference if applied over 7 days between coats as our coatings will then have achieved a full chemical resistance.

    • A: Hi, we have an exterior paint for concrete, https://www.floorsaver.co.uk/collections/exterior-paint/products/exterior-floor-paint-5l?variant=13416724922437

      This is generally for exterior porous concrete floors - we do not generally recommend painting patio areas due to porosity and causing issues with adhesion.

    • A: Good morning

      Thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane would need to go onto a concrete, blockwork or similar substrate. It will not adhere to tiles I’m afraid and we don’t have any products that would.

      It it getting the coatings to adhere and stick which is the problem, as anything put onto the surface will flake up after curing.

      Sorry we cant help in this case.

      Kind regards