Driveway Paint - 5L
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Driveway Paint is a matt, lightly textured, slip resistance paint that will keep you on your feet and not on the floor! It brightens up and protects concrete and asphalt surfaces and looks really smart too.

Dry time 24 hours for light traffic, 48 hours for full use

Covers approx. 20m² per 5 litres

Perfect for asphalt and tarmac floors

Matt appearance

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Here’s what you need to know

  • Originally developed for industrial use, this special home version withstands vehicle and foot traffic, and anything else you throw at it (or on it!)
  • It’s thick, so only one coat is normally needed
  • Resistant to UV light, so won’t fade, and is crack resistant
  • The matt finish helps to mask any imperfections
  • Use in cellars and utility rooms too

Benefits and features: 

  • Use on asphalt and concrete
  • No need to prime
  • Covers really well with just one coat
  • Good slip resistance
  • Anti slip aggregate is pre-mixed so its easy to apply and get an even finish
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Low odour, water based acrylic

Useful Information

Driveway Paint Product Information Sheet

Driveway Paint Safety Data Sheet

Technical Specification



Primer required:


Use where:

Indoors and outdoors

Use on:

Concrete, tarmac floors, drives, paths, walkways, cellars, utility rooms


Easy-to-apply slip resistant coating with excellent UV resistance to slow fading

Drying time:

24 hours for light traffic and 48 hours for full use

Number of coats:


Use at temperatures up to:


Don’t use at temperatures below:



Approximately 20m² (215 sq. ft.) per 5 litres



Ask a Question
  • A: Yes, the Driveway paint will be ok to put on top of your existing coating however we advise that you don’t apply at temperatures below 10°C.

  • A: Hi

    Thank you for your enquiry,

    The Driveway paint is a slightly textured anti slip finish, so is not smooth.
    For a paved terrace area it would depend on the material of the surface, if it has a certain degree of porosity that water would absorb
    The a paint will adhere, if water would pool on the surface then a paint will have trouble bonding.

    If we can help further please let us know.