Firmtread Anti Slip Tread
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Easy-to-fit, self-adhesive pads that create an anti slip surface on stairs, steps, walkways or ramps.

Each tread is 600mm x 150mm

Perfect for steps, ramps, walkways and paths

Available in black and clear

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If you need extra grip on a slippery step, tile or flagstone, then our Firmtread Anti Slip Treads will do the trick.

Our treads have a tough, resin-bonded aluminium surface to provide a long-lasting, gritty finish; and a water-resistant, pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. They will stick to most non-porous surfaces and are suitable for use indoors and outside. They can be used in a wide range of areas, from cellars to attics and even on boats.

We recommend you use our Firmtread Tapes Edge Sealer to stop water getting in and to prolong their life and safety properties. Simply run it along the edge of the tread. You don’t need to apply it thickly, just an even film to prevent water from getting in. Squeeze the tube like you would a tube of toothpaste.

Very little preparation is needed, beyond ensuring the surface is clean, dry and free from loose materials and dirt. It really is straightforward. We also recommend a coat of varnish or paint to seal porous, gritty surfaces.

Each tread is 600m x 150mm.
Sold Individually.

Technical Specification

Primer required:




Use where:

Indoors and outdoors

Use on:

Concrete, tiles, metal, stone, painted or varnished wood


Easy to apply, tough resin bonded grit on a PVC base

Suitable for:

Steps, ramps, walkways and paths

Don’t use in temperatures above:




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