Pot Hole Repair Kit
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Our Pot Hole Repair Kit has everything you need to repair and fill pot holes quickly and easily. Bitumen-based, it’s an instant fix for tarmac or asphalt drives and paths. Completely mess-free, it hardens immediately too, so you can walk or drive over the pothole as soon as it’s filled.

Walk or drive over straight away

covers Approx. 0.5m² per 25kg at 24mm thick

Use on tarmac or concrete

Everything you need to get the job done

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If your path or driveway is looking worse for wear, with unsightly and potentially dangerous potholes, our Pot Hole Repair Kit provides an instant and long-lasting fix. Even better, it’s mess-free and easy to use – just tip it straight from the tub and squash in with the compactor.

What’s more, there’s no waiting for it to harden – once the pothole’s been filled, you can walk and drive over it straight away.

Drive Fill is a bitumen-based aggregate mixture which means it’s tough and hard-wearing. It gives a hard surface straight away, so once you’ve compacted it into the hole and evened it out on top, it’s ready to walk and drive on.

Each tub of Drive Fill contains enough to repair 1 pot hole roughly the size of a dustbin lid, at 25mm thick (actual coverage is 0.5m2 at 25mm thick).

Our Kit contains a primer to help give a better bond, Drive Fill repair mix, a shovel and a compactor to bed it firmly into the hole.

What’s in the kit?

  • 25KG Drive Fill – with free primer included
  • Steel Shovel
  • Compactor

Useful information

    Drive Fill Product Information Sheet

    Drive Fill Safety Data Sheet

    Technical Specification

    Primer required:

    Supplied with product

    Use where:


    Use on:

    Tarmac and concrete


    Bitumen-based product blended with aggregate. Can be walked or driven on immediately


    Approx. 0.5m² per 25kg at 24mm thick. Minimum repair depth 25mm



    Ask a Question
    • A: This product is made with bitumen, also known as asphalt, mixed with an aggregate. This makes it tough, hard wearing, and able to last the winter.

    • A: No heating required, the drive fill can be used straight from the tub.