Pourable Concrete Repair - 10KG
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For holes that need repairing quickly and simply without any fuss or complicated step-by-step instructions to follow.

Sets in 1 hour for walking on and 2 hours for vehicles

Covers 0.2m² for 10kg at a thickness of 25mm

Pot life 6 minutes at 20°C

Perfect for holed, pitted and worn concrete surfaces

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Pourable Concrete Repair is an easy and quick pourable repair for holes in concrete.

Is it easy to use?

  • Absolutely. Simply clean out the hole with a wire brush. Mix the powder with water and stir well. A mixing blade fitted into an electric drill is recommended
  • Pour the mixture into the hole, level it off with a float and leave it to set

Features and benefits: 

  • Simple DIY repair
  • Significantly stronger than conventional cement repairs
  • Really tough, slip resistant repairs at only 5mm thick
  • Can be applied up to 100mm (4”) thick in one go
  • So easy to use – just add water, mix and pour it!
  • Sets at low temperatures
  • You can repair damp surfaces as well as dry
  • You can walk on it after an hour and drive your car over it in only 2 hours
  • Can be feather edged to prevent people tripping

Useful Information

    Pourable Concrete Repair Product Information Sheet

    Pourable Concrete Repair Safety Data Sheet

    Learn more by watching our YouTube Video

    Technical Specification

    Application Temperature:

    Do not apply if surface temperature is less than 5°C




    Pourable concrete repair product that fills holes quickly and permanently

    Use where:

    Indoors and outdoors

    Use on:

    Holed, pitted and worn concrete surfaces such as floors, patios, driveways, paths (not suitable for steps or sloping surfaces)


    0.2m² for 10kg at a thickness of 25mm

    Setting time:

    1 hour for walking on, 2 hours for vehicles at 15-20°C

    Pot life:   

    6 minutes at 20°C


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