Floorboard Paint Kit
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Our handy Floorboard Painting Kit includes everything you need to get started on your floorboard makeover project. As well as adding colour to your floors, it’s great for hiding imperfections and protecting them from stains and everyday wear and tear.

Dry time 12 hours

Covers approx. 20m² per coat

Low sheen appearance

Two coats

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Give you floorboards, stairs and hallway a new lease of life with our Floorboard Painting Kit. Containing a tough polyurethane paint (that means it’s as tough as can be), it’s super hard-wearing and will stand up to the roughest wear and tear.

As well as adding colour to your floors and brightening up rooms, our Floorboard Paint enhances the look of the wood and is great at resisting stains. It dries to a low sheen finish so you can be as subtle or as bold as you’d like by just going over with an extra coat.

Our Kit contains our best-selling Floorboard Paint (that’s enough for one coat to 20m2 or 215 sq.ft.) and two sizes of paint brush for a drip-free and even application.

What’s in the Kit?

  • 2.5L Floorboard Paint
  • 2” Paint brush and 5” paint brush

Useful Information

    Floorboard Paint Product Information Sheet

    Floorboard Paint Safety Data Sheet

    Technical Specification


    Low sheen

    Application temperature:

    The room should be warm, around 15°C. Do not apply in temperatures less than 10°C

    Use where:

    Indoors and outdoors

    Use on:

    Wooden floorboards


    A blend of wood penetrating oils and resins that give a unique finish

    Drying time:

    Usually touch dry after 12 hours but please make sure it's completely hard before using the floor. Ideally leave it for two days after which furniture should be 'placed' not 'dragged' over the fresh paint


    Around 20m² with one coat, depending on how porous the wood is

    Number of coats:

    1 coat will allow the grain to show through; 2 coats will provide total coverage


    Ask a Question
    • A: Yes you would need to give it a light sand to ensure the coating adheres.

    • A: Hi, yes it can be used outside and on wood too!

    • A: Afternoon,

      We have checked with our Chemist and no none of our products contain this.

      Hope that helps.


    • A: Yes you will need to sand your painted floor boards to create a key prior to applying the Floor Board Paint.

      Over a dark surface I would have thought you will need at least 2/3 coats.