Floorboard Paint - 2.5L
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Brighten up your home quickly and easily with Floorboard Paint. Our attractive, hard wearing, multi-surface paint designed to protect your surfaces whilst giving them a new lease of life.

Apply a second coat after 12 hours. Walk on after 24 hours

Covers approx. 20m² with one coat

Not just for floorboards - furniture, skirting & interior doors

Two coats for total coverage

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Why we love Floorboard Paint:

  • Keep it neutral - prefer a clean blank canvas? Brighten up your floorboards (or furniture) with Floorboard Paint. These classic colours will make any pops of colour in your home stand out even more.
  • Simple to use: no special tools or primer required (in most instances)
  • Hardwearing: Protects, strengthens and dustproofs  
  • Minimalist vibe: Minimalist interiors never go out of fashion, use Floorboard paint to create a clean chic look.
  • Problem solving: Need to keep everything neutral because you are letting or renting but are tired of magnolia? This product is for you!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • For an original light look to a room, forget carpets and sanding or varnishing, Floorboard Paint is the answer
  • Particularly useful if your floorboards aren’t up to scratch
  • More hygienic as stains (even oil) can be easily wiped off
  • Less expensive than carpet and easier than sanding and oiling


  • Chalk White: off-white and the truest white we sell. Works well with any colour scheme
  • Ash White: a greyish white which works well with modern grey colour schemes

Features and benefits:

  • Can be used in any room in the house that has floorboards, such as hallways and children’s bedrooms
  • Dries to a smart low sheen finish
  • It not only looks good, it does the wood good by protecting it
  • This paint is polyurethane, which means tough, tough, tough
  • Great at resisting stains – just wipe them off

Useful Information

Floorboard Paint Product Information Sheet

Floorboard Paint Safety Data Sheet


Technical Specification


Low sheen

Application temperature:

The room should be warm, around 15°C. Do not apply in temperatures less than 10°C

Use where:

Indoor only

Use on:

Wooden floorboards, concrete, masonry and metal


A blend of wood penetrating oils and resins that give a unique finish

Drying time:

Usually touch dry after 12 hours but please make sure it's completely hard before using the floor. Ideally leave it for two days after which furniture should be 'placed' not 'dragged' over the fresh paint


Around 20m² with one coat, depending on how porous the wood is

Number of coats:

1 coat will allow the grain to show through; 2 coats will provide total coverage


Ask a Question
  • A: This is a polyurethane paint and very durable, designed for general household foot traffic. It is stain resistant and wipeable so no need for a top coat and you will just need to sand off any blemishes and ensure the surface is clean prior to application, no primer required.

  • A: This dries to a low-sheen finish so isn't completely matte but isn't glossy. It can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

  • A: You will need to sand back the existing paint to create a good key for the paint to bond to.

  • A: Hi, this product is a low sheen finish. It is made as a gloss coating but with a chalk additive to give it a textured and aged appearance, this significantly reduces the sheen level.

    It could not quite be called Mat as it does reflect some light, but low sheen is a fair description.

  • A: We would advise giving any existing coating a sanding/abrasion to provide a really good key, and then ensuring the surfaces are cleaned prior to painting.