Step and Ramp Paint Anti Slip
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Step and Ramp Paint is a matt, lightly textured, slip resistant paint which keeps slippery steps and ramps safe.

Dries in 24 hours

Slip resistant finish

Covers 8-10m2 per 2.5L, per coat

Can be used inside and out

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If you’ve got a step or ramp that you need to brighten up and make safe at the same time, then Step and Ramp Paint is just what you need. Not only looks good but provides a safe anti slip surface to help prevent dangerous slips and trips – especially in wet weather.

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Ideal for preventing slip on wet steps leading out of the house, walkways and ramps.
  • The tough, acrylic paint comes with special anti-slip particles which help you to achieve an even, attractive surface.
  • It has very good ultra-violet light resistance which will prevent fading if used outdoors.
  • It can be used as a one coat finish for most applications, or a second coat can be applied for busier areas.
  • Step and Ramp Paint comes in a matt finish.

Features & Benefits: 

  • No need to prime
  • Low odour, water based acrylic 
  • Can be used inside and out
  • Use on concrete or asphalt
  • Covers well with just one coat
  • Lightly textured, anti slip, matt finish

      Useful Information

      Step and Ramp Paint Anti Slip Product Information Sheet

      Step and Ramp Paint Anti Slip Safety Data Sheet

      Technical Specification

      Size(s) & Packaging:



      Covers 8-10m2 per 2.5L, per coat

      Drying Times:

      Ready for full use after 48 hours, can be used for light traffic after 24 hours


      Do not allow to freeze

      Shelf Life:

      1 year when unopened




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