Concrete Etchant - 2.5L
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With Concrete Etchant you can quickly clean and etch bare concrete floors ready for painting.

Covers approx. 10m² per 2.5 litres

Perfect for garages, basement and workshops

Clear liquid appearance

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Here’s what you need to know:

  • Not only does Concrete Etchant give a good key for a concrete floor prior to painting, it can also be used to make a smooth concrete floor less slippery
  • Use as a powerful cleaner for cleaning stained brickwork, porous tiles and vertical surfaces, or to remove dusty cement particles
  • It is very easy to use

Features and benefits:

  • Removes surface laitance (weak, dusty cement deposits) from bare concrete floors
  • Cleans and removes dirt and unsightly stains from concrete and brickwork
  • Neutralises alkalinity in new concrete floors (at least 28 days old)
  • Using Concrete Etchant means your paint will stay on the floor and not your shoes
  • Concrete Etchant should not be used for painted or sealed surfaces, or sand and cement screeds – there is no need.

Useful Information

    Concrete Etchant Product Information Sheet

    Concrete Etchant Safety Data Sheet

    Technical Specification


    Clear liquid



    Use where:

    Indoors and outdoors

    Use on:

    Garages, basement and workshops


    Hydrochloric acid solution. Prepares new or smooth concrete prior to painting. Can also be used to clean stains on cement or brick


    Approx. 10m² per 2.5 litres


    Ask a Question
    • A: If your floor has never been painted you will need to use this to remove excess alkalinity and any surface laitance (weak cement). Using Concrete Etchant will ensure the paint bonds properly to the floor.

    • A: Our Concrete Etchant is recommended for removing laitance and very fine dust in newly laid concrete screeds. For product liquid screeds with wax additives it would be advisable to contact the product manufacturer for their preparation advice.