Concrete Floor Leveller - 20KG
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Concrete Floor Leveller is an industrial grade resurfacer for rough or damaged concrete.

Foot traffic after 6 hours and vehicles after 24 hours

Covers 3m² per 20kg at 3mm thick

Pot life 12 minutes at 20°C

Perfect for worn, rough or damaged concrete surfaces

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Concrete Floor Leveller is just that – a liquid and powder that you mix together and pour onto a concrete floor. This is also known as a screed. It can be applied at anything between 3mm and 10mm thick

Why Concrete Floor Leveller?

  • Concrete Floor Leveller is great for old, rough, worn, damaged concrete or providing a new, smoother surface for tamped concrete. Traditional latex surface levellers can’t be painted or driven onto – they are usually applied to provide a smooth base for vinyl or wood. Concrete Floor Leveller is different
  • It is a finished, hard wearing surface, that easily copes with vehicle traffic. Although Concrete Floor Leveller performs well outside, application can be impratical as it can crack during drying, particularly in direct sunlight or windy conditions
  • Concrete Floor Leveller is not recommended for use on very smooth surfaces

Can I Paint Over It?

  • As long as you use an epoxy resin (such as our Garage Floor Paint) or an acrylic (water based) paint. In other words, not a solvent-based single pack paint

Features and benefits: 

  • Helps resist staining
  • Binds weak, porous surfaces
  • Highly effective dustproofer for concrete, brick, plaster and masonry

Useful Information

    Concrete Floor Leveller Product Information Sheet

    Concrete Floor Leveller Powder Safety Data Sheet

    Concrete Floor Leveller Additive Safety Data Sheet

    Concrete Floor Leveller Primer Safety Data Sheet

    Learn more by watching our YoutTube Video

    Technical Specification


    Yes (we supply it with the product)

    Use where:


    Use on:

    Worn, rough or damaged concrete surfaces and floors


    A pourable resurfacing product that offers a tough, slip resistant finish for concrete. Suitable for painting

    Setting time:

    Foot traffic after 6 hours and vehicles after 24 hours

    Pot life:   

    12 minutes at 20°C

    Use at temperatures up to:  


    Don’t use at temperatures below:



    3m² per 20kg at 3mm thick, 1.8m² at 5mm thick and 0.9m at 10mm thick



    Ask a Question
    • A: This product helps resist staining from spillages so can be used on its own, but we do reccomend painting over the top with our Two Part Epoxy Floor Paint for a surface that is easy to keep clean.

    • A: Our Concrete Floor Leveller is tougher than latex surface levellers and easily copes with vehicle traffic. Unlike traditional surface levellers it can also be painted over. It comes as a liquid and powder which you then mix to create a pourable product.

    • A: The 20kg Tub of the Concrete floor leveller will cover 3sqm if laid at 3mm in depth. If you have 12 sqm and are looking to also lay at 3mm in depth you would need 4 tubs.