Two Part Epoxy Garage Floor Paint (Garacoat)
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Our two pack Epoxy Resin Garage Floor Paint is ideal for use when you need to keep a concrete floor looking good and staying clean. 

Dries in 12 hours

Covers 6m² per litre

Hard wearing, mid-gloss appearance

Perfect for concrete garages, cellars and basements

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Here’s what you need to know:

  • This hard-wearing paint was originally developed – and tried, tested and trusted – for industry. This formula developed for the home is ideal for use in garages or other concrete floors
  • Very little preparation needed – just make sure the surface is clean, grease and flake free
  • Apply over an existing floor paint (or even a surface with underfloor heating) to save time
  • It’s a water based two-pack epoxy resin, which means tough. Simply mix the two parts of the pack together (it’s really easy) and paint on with a roller, infilling hard-to-reach areas with a brush
  • Easy to clean – wipe off any oil stains, dirt or tyre marks

Features and benefits:

  • Dries to a mid-gloss finish
  • Vastly superior to conventional floor paint.
  • Apply to new or already painted concrete
  • Recoat in 12 hours under normal conditions
  • Easy to apply with a roller or brush
  • Simple to keep clean with a neutral cleaner
  • 2 coats give a heavy duty finish

Useful Information

Epoxy Garage Floor Paint Product Information Sheet

Epoxy Garage Floor Paint Curing Agent Safety Data Sheet

Epoxy Garage Floor Paint Resin Safety Data Sheet

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Technical Specification


Mid gloss

Primer required:


Use where:


Use on:

Concrete garages, cellars, basements

Don’t use in temperatures below:


Dries in:

12 hours at 15°C

Pot life:

1 hour at 20°C

Number of coats:

2 usually, 1 on previously painted floors of the same colour


6m² per litre



Ask a Question
  • A: Unfortunately, the Two Part Epoxy Garage Floor Paint (Garacoat) is not suitable for the concrete bathroom floor tiles.

  • A: Hello,
    I would recommend undertaking a small trial area if you are unsure as to the chemical composition of the substrate, just incase there is any reaction between our product and theirs, or incase it does not bond properly and flakes up after a week or so of use. 
    It is also worth noting how porous the substrate is prior to application- if you pour some water on it and it soaks in rapidly or puddles on top you will likely need a primer. If it soaks in gently and isnt a dusty surface the likelihood is you can just paint straight on top and it will be absolutley fine. 
    Hope this helps but please do let me know if I can help further.

  • A: The Epoxy floor paint is easy to use, just mix the two parts together in the larger tin and use within 1 hour, applying with a high pile roller. Make sure the floor is suitably prepared before application - check out our How To Apply guide for more information by clicking 'How To Use This Product'.

  • A: Yes you can paint over the existing paint, but you will need to sand the whole area back to create a key for the product to bond to.

  • A: This is suitable for use in an unheated garage, however you must make sure that at the time of application the temperature is above 10 degrees celcius for the product to cure properly

  • A:

    we recommend removing all  of the previous coating and then undertaking a porosity test- it may be that the concrete is too smooth and dense to allow paint to bond with it.  Pour some water on the bare surface, and if is soaks in gently then it is porous, if it doesn't it is non porous and will require a primer. you may also have surface laitance (dust) which is preventing the paint from bonding. in this case once the old coating is completely removed you can use our concrete etchant to prepare the surface. Finally, you need to make sure if you have vehicles using the garage that you use an epoxy paint such as our garage floor paint, otherwise the tyres will cause the paint to lift. Please do give us a call if you want to discuss any of these points further. 

  • A: The concrete should be left for at least 4 weeks and then treated with Concrete Etchant to remove excess alkalinity and provide a key for the product to bond to. This can be swept away with a broom and the floor should be clean and dry before application.

  • A: Hi, we are expecting it to be back in stock around the 5th of May, so do keep an eye on our website!

  • A: Thank you for your enquiry.   Unfortunately it is not advised to mix anything extra in with this product.

    If extra things are added it could effect the products chemical balance.  

  • A: Self levelling screeds are usually used for laying carpet, wood, vinyl or tiles over the top, they are not usually designed to be painted.  Self levellers don't tend to be that strong and will break up when trafficked pulling any paint off at the same time. However, there are some self levellers on the market which can be painted but you will need to check with the manufacturer to see what they say.  If they recommend a water based epoxy then yes, you can use our Garage Floor Paint.

  • A: If the concrete bare and new it should be treated with our Concrete Etchant to remove any surface laitance (a weak, dusty layer) and to provide a good key for the paint to bond to.  If it's a sand and cement screed it should not be etched but you may need to apply three coats of the Epoxy Floor Paint (due to the porosity of the screed) and you will also get reduced coverage per tin, probably by about 20%.