Prime 'n' Seal - Concrete Floor Primer & Sealer - 2.5L
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Prime ‘n’ Seal is a tough, two-part, water based epoxy resin. It penetrates, hardens, seals and dustproofs porous concrete prior to painting.

Just one coat gives you the ideal ready-to-paint surface.

Dry time 4-6 hours at 15°C with good ventilation

Covers 15m² per 2.5 litres per coat

Perfect for concrete floors in garages, utility rooms etc

One coat

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Here’s what you need to know:

  • This two-pack clear epoxy resin penetrates concrete and helps to bind it together. The result is you get a better surface on which to paint
  • It is very quick drying
  • Prime ‘n’ Seal is designed to use with Garage Floor Paint. It is suitable for other water-based paints, but if you are using another brand of paint, leave Prime ‘n’ Seal for 3-4 days before painting
  • Don’t apply to non-porous surfaces. If in doubt, spill some water onto the concrete and see if it soaks in

Features and benefits:

  • Penetrates deep down into the concrete and helps to make it stronger by binding it together
  • Gives you a sound surface on which to apply your concrete floor paint
  • Dries in only 4-6 hours, so you can paint it quicker

Useful Information

Prime 'n' Seal Product Information Sheet

Prime 'n' Seal Curing Agent Safety Data Sheet

Prime 'n' Seal Resin Safety Data Sheet

Technical Specification

Use on:

Concrete floors in garages, cellars, utility rooms, balconies etc.

Drying time:

4-6 hours under normal temperatures (15°C) with good ventilation


15m² per 2.5 litres per coat, depending on how porous the concrete floor is

Number of coats:




Ask a Question
  • A: This product helps to seal a very porous or weak floor, therefore improving the bond between the surface and the paint, and also reducing loss of coverage. If you dont think the concrete is weak or overly porous I would recommend using our etchant instead on a bare floor before painting to remove surface laitance which can affect  how the paint bonds.