Drive Fix - Asphalt Crack Filler - 2.5L
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If your asphalt or tarmac has a crack, then you need Drive Fix to stop water getting in and turning a little crack into a big pothole.

Dry time 2-4 hours (5mm wide), 6-10 hours (20mm wide)

Covers approx. 100m of 3mm wide crack

Perfect for cracked asphalt, tarmac and concrete surfaces

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Here’s what you need to know:

  • Once water and ice get into a little crack it can become a pothole. Repair the crack quickly and cost effectively with Drive Fix - Asphalt Crack Filler
  • To apply, all you need to do is to pour the rubberised bitumen mixture into a spouted can, pour into the cracked asphalt and that’s it

Features and benefits: 

  • Strong enough to drive a car over
  • Sets in as little as 2-4 hours depending on the size of the crack and the temperature
  • Stops a small problem turning into a big one
  • Long lasting, hard wearing, yet so easy to apply
  • Outdoor use only

Useful Information

Drive Fix - Asphalt Crack Filler Product Information Sheet

Drive Fix - Asphalt Crack Filler Safety Data Sheet

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Technical Specification

Primer required:


Use where:


Use on:

Cracked asphalt, tarmac and concrete surfaces


Blocks water from penetrating tarmac. Flexible and long lasting. Overcoat if required

Don’t use at temperatures below:


Drying time:

2-4 hours up to 5mm wide, or 6-10 hours up to 20mm


Approx. 100m of 3mm wide crack



Ask a Question
  • A: Drive Fix is very easy to use. Just pour straight in to cracks up to 3mm from a spouted can, or for cracks between 3 and 25mm mix 50:50 with dry sand, pour in and flatten.

  • A: This can only be used at temperatures above 5 degrees so we would not reccomend using in winter.

  • A: This is made of rubberised bitumen which is another word for asphalt. To prepare the crack just remove any loose asphalt and dirt from inside it.

  • A: This is suitable for use on cracks up to 25mm. For cracks up to 3mm wide the mixture can be poured straight in from a spouted can. For larger cracks up to 25mm it should be mixed 50:50 with dry sand for a better finish.

  • A: For cracks up to 5mm wide Drive Fix will be ready to driver over after 2-4 hours, and cracks up to 25mm 6-10 hours at 15-20 degrees celcuis. For lower temperateres above 5 degrees this time will be increased and we would recommend leaving for 24 hours.

  • A: Yes, this product would be suitable for your project.