Seal 'n' Tint Concrete Patio Stain - 5L
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If you want to give your dull, drab, grey concrete or old paving slabs a new lease of life, without putting a solid coat of paint over the top, then Seal ‘n’ Tint is for you!

Dry time approx. 16 hours at 15°C

Covers 37m² per 5L

Perfect for porous concrete, masonry and stone

Two coats minimum

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What does it do?
Seal ‘n’ Tint not only restores patios -you can use it on concrete, concrete slabs, stone or masonry; drives, porches, paths, basements, cellars, swimming pool surrounds and more.

One coat seals, dustproofs and provides a background colour. The second coat enhances the colour and leaves a wipe-clean, stain resistant surface. You can deepen the colour with further coats if required. 

Choice Of Colours
Seal ‘n’ Tint is available in a Charcoal or Rustic Brick. You can even mix and match the colours to create a chequered look giving it a wow factor!

Due to Seal ‘n’ Tint’s penetrative nature, it is advisable to carry out
a test on a small area first to ensure you are happy with the colour
and the finish.

Features and benefits:

  • Transforms drab concrete or paving slabs
  • Requires minimal preparation
  • Is easy to apply with a brush or roller
  • Long lasting
  • Stops concrete from dusting
  • Solvent free, no smell during application
  • Use indoors or outdoors

NB: Seal ‘n’ Tint is not suitable for sealed concrete. Although most domestic concrete isn’t sealed, it is worth checking.

Covers: 5 litres covers approx. 37m²


Useful Information

Seal 'n' Tint Concrete Patio Stain Product Information Sheet

Seal 'n' Tint Concrete Patio Stain Safety Data Sheet

Technical Specification


Low sheen

Use where:

Indoors and outdoors

Use on:

Porous concrete, masonry and stone

Don’t use on:

Sealed concrete


5 litres cover approx. 37m²

Number of coats:

2 or more depending on the look you're trying to achieve 



Ask a Question
  • A: Hi Karen,

    Many thanks for your enquiry. We advise you apply with a medium pile roller, please see the application details below.

    Making sure the lid is on tight, give the tin a good shake. Apply in dry, warm (above 10°C) conditions. Good ventilation helps the product to dry. Pour some into a roller tray. Don’t pour directly onto your concrete as this may create a patchy effect. Using a medium pile roller apply sparingly to make sure you are achieving the desired result. A paint brush or mini roller will help with edges or small areas. If using a paint brush you can apply it straight from the tin. Work the liquid into the surface as evenly as you can. Apply more as necessary if you find you have very porous concrete and the coating is sinking in.
    Don’t apply too thickly or overload your brush or roller. If it drips Seal ‘n’ Tint will stain, which isn’t serious, but means you will have to put another coat on to compensate.

    Kindest regards