Wall Waterproofing Kit
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Protect your outside walls and brickwork from the wind, rain and frost for up to 12 years, with just one coat of our Rain Protector. Our Wall Waterproofing Kit has everything you need to protect your walls from the elements, to keep out damp and cut down on wind chill.

Dry time 24 hours

Covers 25m² per 5 litres

Clear liquid appearance

One coat

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Damp, mould and moisture can quickly affect your walls and cause all kinds of problems. Our Wall Waterproofing Kit, treats and protects your walls before problems take hold. It’s so easy-to-apply – just one coat does the trick – and you can use it on render, exposed brickwork, masonry, concrete and timber.

As well as protecting your walls from wind and rain, it’ll keep timber from cracking, splitting and shrinking. It also prevents the “whiting” on brickwork caused by moisture and salt.

Our Kit contains Rain Protector, a colourless liquid that penetrates and protects your walls, masking tape and two brushes for a quick and liberal coating. 

What’s in the Kit?

  • 5L Rain Protector (treats approx. 25m2 with one coat)
  • Masking Tape to protect windows and glass
  • 2” Paint brush and 5” paint brush
  • Wire brush

Useful Information

Rain Protector Product Information Sheet

Rain Protector Safety Data Sheet

Technical Specification


Clear liquid

Primer required:


Use where:


Use on:

Surfaces, brickwork, concrete, masonry and other porous surfaces. Suitable for most homes, particularly those exposed to the elements.


Easy to apply runny liquid that can protect a home's exterior against damp for up to 12 years

Drying time:

24 hours

Number of coats:



25m² per 5 litres



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  • A: No. This product needs a porous surface to soak in properly.