About Us

At PAINTPEOPLE, we’re here to help with all your indoor and outdoor DIY projects.

Whether you’re tackling a leaky roof, fixing a worn driveway or painting your furniture and floorboards, trust in a PAINTPEOPLE product to do the job properly.

You won’t find PAINTPEOPLE products in your local DIY store. That’s because all our products are based on tried and tested industrial formulations. PAINTPEOPLE is part of the Watco Group (the UK’s leading direct supplier of industrial flooring products since 1927) and we've taken products that have been proven in the toughest of environments and reformulated them for use in and around the home.

What does that mean? Well, it means that you can rely on a PAINTPEOPLE product to get the job done. It also means you can be sure that you’ll get great quality products at a price you can afford.



And while you’ll get the confidence that industrial products bring, you won’t get all the technical jargon. We’ll tell you about our products and what they’re made of - so you know what that means for the project you’re tackling. 

We’ve got a product to tackle any problem or project - indoors and out. From the roof to the basement, the garden to the garage - and everything in between, PAINTPEOPLE has something to help you repair, paint or update your home.

If you need advice or inspiration, you can get in touch with us at info@paintpeople.co.uk.

PAINTPEOPLE is a trading name of Watco UK Ltd, a company registered in England. Registered office: Hays Galleria, 1 Hays Lane, London, SE1 2RD. Company No.: 459144, VAT No.: 310927818