EASYSeal Water Seal+
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A high performance water repellent for all porous building materials.

Covers up to 25m²

Perfect for walls, fountains, monuments, garden stones etc

One coat, two coats for porous surfaces

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Here’s what you need to know:

  • Can be applied to damp surfaces, water will dry out over time, as the coating allows it to escape out and not penetrate in
  • Provides a hard wearing, invisible, protective seal against oil, stains and efflorescence on both horizontal and vertical surfaces

Features & Benefits

  • Penetrating water repellent for porous brickwork, masonry and timber
  • Also provides a protective seal against oil and staining
  • Allows masonry to breathe so that moisture can escape
  • No long term colour change
  • EASY Water Seal Plus uses technology which is proven to increase Thermal Efficiency, which reduces heating costs

    Useful Information

    EASYSeal Water Seal+ Safety Data Sheet 

    Technical Specification



    Where to use:

    Walls, fountains, monuments, garden stones and paving, headstones, timber structures, fences and decks


    Hard wearing, easy to use, protects against water and stains

    Application temperature:

    10°C - 30°C


    Up to 25m²

    Number of coats:

    1 coat, 2 for porous surfaces