Two Part Epoxy Garage Floor Paint Kit (Garacoat)
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This product is currently out of stock. In the meantime you can get the same great results with our Two Part Epoxy Basement & Garage Floor Paint.

Everything you need to prepare, paint and seal your garage floor in one easy to use kit.

Cures in 12 hours

Paint covers 6m² per litre

Hard wearing, mid-gloss appearance

Everything you need to get the job done

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Everything you need to transform your garage floor in a day. Garage Floor Paint is ideal for use when you need to keep a concrete floor looking good and staying clean. It is a tough, two pack epoxy resin which offers excellent resistance to wear and tear and to spillages of oil and other common chemicals. Garage Floor Paint dries to a mid gloss finish.

What's in the kit?

'For New Garage Floors' Kit:                                                                     

  • 5L x Concrete Etchant                                    
  • 2 x 2.5L x Epoxy Garage Floor Paint
  • 5” paint brush, 2”paint brush, 9” paint roller and tray, replacement roller and telescopic handle

'For Greasy, Oily, Bare Or Painted Garage Floors' Kit:

  • 5L x Oil & Grease Remover                                 
  • 2 x 2.5L x Epoxy Garage Floor Paint
  • 5” paint brush, 2”paint brush, 9” paint roller and tray, replacement roller and telescopic handle

Double Garage Kits contain 2 x 5L tins of Epoxy Garage Floor Paint and 2 x 5L of Concrete Etchant or Oil & Grease Remover.

Useful Information

Concrete Etchant Product Information Sheet

Concrete Etchant Safety Data Sheet

Epoxy Garage Floor Paint Product Information Sheet

Epoxy Garage Floor Paint Curing Agent Safety Data Sheet

Epoxy Garage Floor Paint Resin Safety Data Sheet

Oil & Grease Remover Product Information Sheet

Oil & Grease Remover Safety Data Sheet


Technical Specifications


Mid gloss

Use where:

Indoors. Garages, cellars and basements

Use on:

Concrete at least 28 days old


Easy to apply, yet hard wearing. Dries to a mid-gloss finish and is oil resistant


Concrete Etchant - 4m² per litre

Garage Floor Paint - 6m² per litre

Oil & Grease Remover - Approx. 20m² per 5 litres for very heavy grease contamination

Curing time:

Garage Floor Paint - 12 hours at 15°C

Pot life:

Garage Floor Paint - 1 hour at 20°C

Number of coats:





Ask a Question
  • A: We do not recommend that a 5L is part mixed since if the proportions are slightly out this can affect the drying process and the overall performance.  However, if you do part mix then this should be done by volume.  Regarding the degreaser, (PaintPeople Oil & Grease Remover), it should be washed away and left to dry before applying the Epoxy Floor Paint. As a guide, it would be best to leave it for around 24 hours, but this will depend on how warm the area is and the level of ventilation in the area.