Garage Floor Sealer - 5L
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Garage Floor Sealer is a penetrative acrylic sealer for porous concrete floors. If you want a clear sealer for use inside or out that stops the floor from dusting and is easy to keep clean, then this is for you.

Dry time 12 hours at 15°C

Covers 40m² per 5L

Perfect for concrete floors

Glossy Appearance

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Here’s what you need to know:

Features and benefits: 

  • Highly penetrative clear sealer that really does stop the floor from dusting
  • Seals the floor so it’s easy to keep clean – just wipe away the dirt
  • Binds everything together, strengthening it at the same time
  • It does so much with just one coat!
  • So versatile – it can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Can be applied to bare concrete, sand and cement screeds and masonry…as long as they’re porous

Useful Information

    Garage Floor Sealer Product Information Sheet

    Garage Floor Sealer Safety Data Sheet

    Technical Specification



    Primer required:


    Use where:

    Indoors and outdoors

    Use on:

    Concrete floor


    Hardens, seals and dust proofs concrete floors


    Onto dry surfaces

    Drying time:

    12 hours at 15°C

    Application temperature:

    Don't use if surface temperature is below 10°C, don't apply if temperature is above 30°C


    40m² per 5L

    Number of coats:




    Ask a Question
    • A: Hi, Concrete Dust Sealer will penetrate and stop the floor from dusting, but it won't leave a top sealed finish (and you won't really notice it's there).  Since you do not get a surface seal with this product it won't peel or wear off, it will only wear as and when the concrete itself wears so it's more or less maintenance free, but if you were to spill something on the floor it may stain. 

      The Garage Floor Sealer will leave a top sealed finish so it's easier to keep clean, but of course if the seal gets damaged in any way then you will need to re-coat those areas.

      There is no problem sealing one half one day and the other the next day, except if you are using Garage Floor Sealer you may see an edge where each coat has overlapped.  Please refer to the data sheet regarding drying times, re-coating times and preparation.