Oil & Grease Remover - 2.5L
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Remove oil and grease from masonry and concrete floors easily and quickly with this biodegradable, concentrated cleaner.

Covers approx. 10m² per 2.5 litres

Perfect for concrete, sand, cement and asphalt surfaces

Ideal for preparation prior to painting

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Here’s what you need to know:

  • Oil & Grease Remover does exactly that, in a water based formula
  • It does more than just clean things up, it keeps things clean too. It will work on machines, including motorbikes
  • Dilute one part Oil & Grease Remover to 20 parts water for a streak-free finish

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to use, but tough on grease
  • Use as a concentrate or dilute for general cleaning
  • Odourless, so can be used wherever you wish

Useful Information

Oil & Grease Remover Product Information Sheet

Oil & Grease Remover Safety Data Sheet

Technical Specification

Primer required:


Use where:

Indoors and outdoors

Use on:

Concrete, sand, cement and asphalt surfaces


A water based, biodegradable product ideal for preparation prior to painting. Can be rinsed away or mopped up with absorbent granules. Odourless, so use in places with limited ventilation. Suitable for most painted surfaces

Use at temperatures up to:


Don’t use at temperatures below:



Approx. 10m² per 2.5 litres for very heavy grease contamination. Can be diluted up to 10 times with water for general cleaning



Ask a Question
  • A: This is a water based product made of biodegradable concentrated cleaner and is completely odourless.

  • A: To remove, scrub with a stiff brush and rinse with clean water. Use a wet vacuum to suck up the product, oil and grease and dispose of it as chemical waste.

  • A: Yes, this can be used on tarmac or any kind of asphalt.

  • A: Yes this can be used on most painted surfaces.